Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Salvaged Thrift Store Art (Phase 1)

In my continuing series of salvaged thrift store art. I am taking art found, and using it as a jumping off point as inspiration, make something cool. I found this landscape, and although unintentional by the artist, looks like the dinosaur era. It started me thinking...

Now the first thing, is there is no distant background, and no foreground. I decide to add a volcano off in the distance to add drama, the raptors will be in the foreground. I will also add foreground branches in the top corners to break up the open areas.

I block in this one with no preliminary drawing, just with an idea in my head. I will have to let the dark paint dry completely before going back and painting details.

Original thrift store painting - $3

After initial block-in

Friday, December 27, 2013

Aliens over London

I have seen quite a few of "Thrift Store" art work-overs, so I am toying with a few. Here is the first: "Aliens over London". This was a boring London landscape in an impressionistic style, soooo aliens attacked. (some of the UFO's were painted by my 9 year old). =)

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